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RoboCupJunior Québec is the official event for qualifying teams in OnStage, Rescue and Soccer. New teams of students, teachers and mentors can easily join any challenge or the RoboParty activities to begin their learning on robotics, coding and programming various technologies. In RoboCup, teams are invited to use any type of technology or application for their autonomous robot design.


RoboCupJunior is a Canadian wide robotics organization who collaborates with an international committee to help students with a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local, regional and international robotic events for young students. Our Canada wide affiliates work with an International community to support students trajectory in artificial intelligence opportunities in education.

Objective: Pushing the State-Of-The-Art

It is our intention to use RoboCup as a vehicle to promote robotics, coding and programming abilities to understand the world of robots for students in elementary and secondary. One of the effective ways to promote science and engineering abilities is to set a challenging long-term goal.





RoboCupJUNIOR Photo Gallery

Canadian  junior teams have successfully participated at RoboCup competitions since 2001.

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